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Optimal Gut Health & Hitting your Protein Goal | Get the Basics down first

Fiber +


1 scoop of Fiber + & Phyto Fuel Super Greens mixed together first thing in the morning with 6~8oz of water.

Phyto Fuel Super Greens


1 scoop of Phyto Fuel Super Greens & Fiber + mixed together first thing in the morning with 6~8oz of water.

Rule 1 Hydro/Iso Protein


2 scoops Protein powder after training

Optimal Immunity Health taken together



Best when combined with Quercetin


Best when combined with Zinc

Maximizing Physical Performance before training when taken together



*Before training: 1 scoop with 1 scoop pump booster

Pump Booster


*Before training: 1~2 scoops with 1 scoop pre-workout



*Before Training: 1 scoop with 1 scoop pre-workout, & 1~2 scoops pump booster.

*After Training: 1 scoop with your Post Workout Protein Shake

[Maximizing Performance Recovery after the Gym]

Post Workout Shake


2 scoops with 10oz of water after training.



1 scoop with your Post Workout Shake after training.



1 scoop with 12~16oz water during training

Get the right pre-workout for you

High Stim Pre-workout

Moderate caffeine & High stimulants. Contains dmaa stimulant.

High Performance based pre-workout

Great for focus and pump. Still contains stimulants and caffeine but not at high levels.

Mellow/beginner pre-workout

Moderate caffeine & no stimulants but good enough to get the job done with a good focus, pump, & sweat going.